Client Profile

A leading player in the banking industry
Our client had hundreds of advisors to help their customers manage their personal wealth and investments. Also, the same company had made several acquisitions in the recent past. Consequently, they had a complex network of several disconnected CRM solutions that posed some major challenges.

Business Challenges

  • The company found it difficult to manage the on-premise solutions because they were expensive. They had to set aside a huge amount of money to pay their IT staff and to maintain the infrastructure.
  • Because of the complexity of the CRM solutions, none of them gave a complete view of the financial information of their customers. Consequently, their wealth management advisors found it difficult to fully assess the financial situation of the clients.
  • The advisors had to log into multiple CRM solutions to access the information needed for providing advice to their customers. This wasted their time and annoyed the customers.
  • While some sensitive data that required extra protection was readily accessible to everyone, other less sensitive data was overprotected. This prevented even authorized team members from accessing it.
  • Advisors were not able to access CRM data on their mobile phone. This hampered their productivity.

Open Positions

  • These on-premise solutions were expensive to operate, both in terms of infrastructure dollars and IT staff salaries.
  • Each CRM system gave wealth management advisors only a partial view of their clients' financial information.
  • To access all data needed for a client call, advisors often logged into multiple CRM tools, wasting valuable time and frustrating customers.
  • Some sensitive wealth data lacked adequate security while other data was overprotected, preventing access from appropriate team members.
  • Advisors could not access CRM information on mobile devices, further hampering their performance and client satisfaction.


Netsmartz solved the problem by developing a customized Salesforce CRM solution that replaced the fragmented bunch of on-premise solutions. The new CRM solution offered the following:

  • A central dashboard where the advisors could see key customer information, including their contact details and financial information
  • A comprehensive security solution that made sure that financially sensitive client data was only accessible to employees who were authorized to access it.
  • A mobile optimized CRM tool powered by Salesforce 1. It helped advisors to securely access the client data on the go.
  • A hybrid solution that allowed clients to keep their account balance data on-premise while still offering their customers a cloud-like experience.


More Productive Advisors, Happier Clients
By implementing a tailored CRM, Netsmartz helped the client greatly increase its wealth management advisors' productivity and improving the customer experience. Specific benefits to the company included:

  • Hours and hours saved per week per advisor
  • A comprehensive yet granular security solution within Salesforce that ensured sensitive client financial data was accessible only to those entitled to it.
  • Increased advisor focus on client investments and growth
  • Robust security for sensitive client financial data
  • Greater client satisfaction


The customized CRM solution that Netsmartz developed, helped their client to enhance the productivity of their advisors and improve the customer experience. Key benefits included:

  • Time savings - Advisors had to spend fewer hours per week on providing support
  • The saved time helped the advisors to focus on customer investments and growth
  • Adequate security for sensitive financial information
  • Increased client satisfaction and retention
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